Revamp your Warehouse Management with Our Advanced 3PL Solutions

At our state-of-the-art facility, we redefine warehousing solutions with best in class 3PL solutions, bridging a crucial gap often overlooked by prominent players. Our suite of advanced 3PL services streamlines warehouse operations, ensuring optimal efficiency, productivity, and seamless supply chain management.


Introducing Our 3PL Warehousing Solutions

Dedicated Warehousing Services

Experience the benefits of a dedicated partnership with our team, gaining full control over a warehouse facility tailored to your specific requirements.

Shared Warehousing Solutions

Enjoy flexibility and cost-effectiveness with our shared warehousing solutions, adaptable to your changing needs and business fluctuations

Automated Inventory Management

Implement a robust Warehouse Management System (WMS) alongside technologies such as barcode scanning, RFID, and Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/ RS) to streamline and automate inventory processes.

WMS ensures precise control over inbound and outbound activities, while RFID technology enhances tracking accuracy. Advanced inventory forecasting tools further contribute to the elimination of manual data entry errors, maintaining optimal stock levels for efficient operations.

Order Fulfilment and Pick-and- Pack Automation

Automate order fulfilment processes, including picking, packing, and shipping, to streamline order processing, reduce fulfilment errors, and expedite deliveries.

Additionally, leverage our Order Management System, empowering customers to seamlessly push orders, track fulfilment progress, and gain visibility into the entire order lifecycle.

Labor Management & Optimization

Implement labour management systems to effectively schedule and allocate warehouse personnel, ensuring optimal staffing levels and minimizing labour costs.

Proper job allocation using OMS will lead to optimum utilization of manpower, improving their throughput. Each person will understand their hourly targets and daily goals, which will help reduce overheads like overtime

Our Advanced 3PL Warehousing Services Fix These Challenges

Inefficient Inventory Tracking

Traditional manual inventory tracking methods are prone to errors and inconsistencies, resulting in stock-outs, overstock situations, and poor decision- making.

These issues are often rooted in poor demand planning, as inefficient inventory tracking and suboptimal stock management can lead to discrepancies and financial losses for the organization.

Cumbersome Paperwork

Paperwork-driven processes are slow, inefficient, and prone to human error, hindering productivity and increasing operational costs.

Lack of Real-time visibility to inventory

Traditional methods often lack real-time visibility into inventory levels and warehouse operations, leading to guesswork and reactive decision-making.

Order Fulfilment Disruptions

Unreliable inventory data can lead to order fulfilment delays, customer dissatisfaction, and reputational damage, often resulting from stock management discrepancies where orders cannot be executed due to inventory mismatches.

Client Success Stories/Testimonials

"Their Leadership and vision are impressive!" - Kurian Thomas - Sales Head, JK Tyre

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Why Choose Driver Logistics?

Deep understanding of B2B logistics operations

Deep understanding of B2B logistics operations

Our team of experts has extensive experience in helping businesses optimize their warehouse operations and achieve their supply chain goals.

Proven track record of success

Proven track record of success

We have a proven track record of delivering successful advanced warehousing solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Customized solutions to fit your unique need

Customized solutions to fit your unique need

We carefully analyze your business requirements and develop tailored solutions that align with your specific goals.

Take the next leap towards operational excellence with our Logistics Solutions

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