Surya Gopal | Mar 31, 2023 | 3 mins read

Revving Up Sales: How Usha International Streamlined Deliveries with Driver Drop PTL Solution for Maximum Impact

Usha International is a leading consumer durables company that has been bringing comfort and convenience to households for over 80 years. 

Founded in 1934, the company has established itself as a trusted brand that offers a wide range of products including fans, sewing machines, home appliances, and more.

Moreover, they are committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the evolving needs of consumers, while also providing exceptional customer service. 

With a strong presence in India and around the world, Usha International continues to innovate and lead in the consumer durables industry.

Challenges: Breaking Through the Transit Time Barrier

Usha International faced a major obstacle in its delivery process in Kerala. The transit time for their products, handled by their PTL partner, was a prolonged 4-5 days. 

The delay in delivery and payment collection not only created an adverse situation for the sales and commercial teams but also resulted in a negative impact on customer satisfaction. Customers who had placed orders expected timely delivery, and the delay in these processes caused frustration and dissatisfaction among them.

Therefore, it was important for Usha International to not only address these issues for the success of their sales and commercial teams but also for the satisfaction of their customers. 

In response, dealers expressed their strong desire for prompt delivery and collection of payments, highlighting the pressing need to address these issues for Usha International's continued success.

Solution: Revolutionizing Part Load Delivery in Kerala with Driver Drop by Driver Logistics

To address the challenges, Usha International, approached Driver Logistics and decided to switch to our PTL solution Driver Drop for delivering their part loads across Kerala. 

Some of the key solutions that we offered are:

  • Improved TAT: Our Driver Drop service promises  a TAT of 24-48 hours for delivering products to their dealers anywhere in Kerala. This helped Usha International to deliver products to their dealers on time, ensuring timely payment collection.

  • SLA Performance Analysis: We, Driver Logistics, analyzed the delivery SLA performance to ensure that the products were delivered within the service-level agreement. The analysis found that more than 98% of the consignments were delivered within the SLA.

  • Consignment Hold: The remaining 2% of the deliveries were kept on hold based on the instructions of the sales team/dealer or commercial team. In such cases, the products were not delivered because of specific reasons which were not related to Driver Drop.

By switching to our PTL innovation Driver Drop,  Usha International was able to overcome the challenges of delayed deliveries and boost their sales. The improved TAT and performance ensured that products were delivered on time, which led to timely payment collection from the dealers. The professional approach of Driver Logistics helped Usha International to build trust with their dealers, resulting in an increase in sales.

Outcome: Boosted Sales and Streamlined Payment Collection with Driver Drop Solution

Usha International was able to ensure prompt delivery of its products, which helped the company to satisfy the demands of its dealers and establish a trustworthy relationship with them. Consequently, the company experienced an upsurge in its sales. Notably, the order cycle from dealers increased significantly following the implementation of Driver Drop services provided by Driver Logistics, indicating the effectiveness of the new delivery system

Furthermore, the commercial team was able to build a strong relationship with the sales team and dealers, which is a crucial factor in driving business growth. With the visibility of POD within 48 hours of successful delivery, Usha International was able to streamline their payment collection process, resulting in reduced payment collection time from the market.

All in all, the outcomes achieved by Usha International speak for themselves. By partnering with Driver Logistics, they were able to overcome their delivery challenges and boost their sales, which is a testament to the reliability and efficiency of Driver Drop's services.


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