Best Method of Small Freight Transportation

Driver Drop is the Less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping method designed by Driver Logistics for transporting goods that do not need a complete truck or trailer. Collective small freights or goods are collected from distributors and warehouses in Kochi and are transported with the help of single truckloads to multiple delivery points in Kerala, making the method very efficient and cost-effective for the business.

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We assist businesses to integrate the right tools to give them accurate business intelligence & insights for predictive planning and optimisation of their supply chain with third party logistics solutions.

Benefits Of Associating With Driver Logistics,3PL Company In India

Tremendous Cost Reduction

With Driver Drop, you only pay for the space you occupy to transport your freight. The rest of the portion's cost will be paid by other fright shippers occupying the remaining part, saving you a tremendous cost that otherwise will be spent unnecessarily.

Safe & Secure Transportation

As an established 3PL service provider in India, we already comply with all the necessary measures for safely and securely transporting your freights. By choosing LTL with us, you can avail yourself of it without any hustle.

Live Tracking & Visibility

Logistics can be a complex process from time to time. As your 3PL service provider, we already have an existing team of logistics experts with an established presence and experience in the market. Opt us for a single window solution for documentation, import and export, international compliance and economic regulations etc.

E-Commerce & Small Business Friendly

LTL has become a necessity for ecommerce and small business owners due to its possibility to deliver goods in a time-bound manner at a reduced cost. They choose the Less than truckload freight shipping method as it compliments their business's dynamic nature most effectively.

Established TMS

Driver Drop has a fast and reliable transport management system as your less-than-truckload freight service provider for small shipments. Delivery of goods to various delivery points collected from different distributors and warehouses is made easy with an established Transportation Management system provided by us.


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